Save Money With These Four Accommodation Sites

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Whether you are traveling for a few weeks abroad or just up for a weekend staycation in your home country, I recommend these four accommodation sites for a greater and cheaper travel experience.

Agoda – If you’re traveling around Asia, Agoda offers the cheapest hotel prices. This site accepts Paypal, online banking, and credit card payments. – is pretty much similar to Agoda since these two booking sites are owned by the same company — Priceline. The only difference is that offers Free Cancellation Policy and Book Now, Pay Later on selected hotels so you can just pay when you arrive at your destination.

Airbnb – If you want to stay longer without paying a lot and feel like at home during your travels, Airbnb is the best and the cheapest option for you.

What’s good about Airbnb is that you can use the facilities which are not available at most hotels. You can also contact the host directly for more inquiries about the accommodation and get some local information about your destination. I highly recommend this booking site. I personally use this when I travel for a longer period.

Sign up through this link to get Php950 ($20) off your first booking.

Hotel Quickly – This app is for last-minute bookings. Download the app and use my promo code AJOYCE4 to get 15% discount on your first booking.

As of the moment, Hotel Quickly is only available for the following countries: Australia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, JapanLaos, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. 
Save Money with these accommodation sites

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  1. Hi April,
    Loved your suggestions for saving money while on a staycation! I aggregate Bed and Breakfast accommodations in India through my own portal ( As you have mentioned and what i have seen, People are bored of the same old hotel accommodations and love staying with a family to get a feel of home away from home. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hello, Ambuj!
      Couldn’t agree more:)
      I still love hotels but I prefer staying with a host and learn about their culture.
      Will be checking your portal:)
      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Hi April,
    Of the sites you’ve mentioned, I’ve only used AirBNB before, but it was fantastic!!! Honestly, hotels are so boring compared to some of the places on AirBNB. I’m a big fan of super modern apartments and you can easily find something really nice on AirBNB for less than the price to stay at a generic hotel. I’m completely sold on AirBNB and probably won’t use any other company to find a place to stay in future.

    • Hello, Cath! i feel you! i’m so in love with Airbnb too! You get more than what you pay for plus the homey feeling. Totally great!

      Happy Travels! :)

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