Nha Hang Cam Chuong: A Taste of the Countryside in the Middle of the City

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Dubbed as the Land of Motorbikes, Ho Chi Minh (also known as Saigon) is often imagined as a very hectic and congested city. While this is true, this bustling city has more to offer than just smoggy air and a river of motorbikes.

Located in Van Thanh area, just 2 kilometers away from the city center, is the famous Nha Hang Cam Chuong (Cam Chuong Restaurant). It’s a floating restaurant overlooking the city’s skyscrapers and beautiful night lights. It’s a great place if you want to just hang out with family and friends and escape the noise and heat of the downtown area.

Nha Hang Cam Chuong has its own park with lots of trees and flowers, a huge pond, a playground for kids, and some traditional shops for tourists. It also has a pool that’s perfect for Ho Chi Minh’s humid weather. If you want to get a taste of the countryside in the middle of Vietnam’s busiest city, Nha Hang Cam Chuong is definitely one of the best options.

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There’s no entrance fee required to enter Nha Hang Cam Chuong. So even if you’re not up for a good meal at their floating restaurant, you can still stroll around the area, lie down on the grass, feed the fish, or take lots of photos for free.

Being in Nha Hang Cam Chuong doesn’t feel like being in Ho Chi Minh City at all. It’s a very relaxing place and the air smells fresher and lighter with all the trees around.

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We just chose to take a good walk and have some relaxing time sitting on the grass so we didn’t get to taste their food, but judging from the number of people dining there, we were positive that their food was delicious.

The next time you visit Ho Chi Minh City, make sure to dine at their floating restaurant, take a nice afternoon dip in their pool, or just wander around the green lush area.



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Nha Hang Cam Chuong (Cam Chuong Restaurant)

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