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Fuji-Q Highland’s Labyrinth of Fear: Japan’s Most Terrifying Haunted House

Fuji-Q Highland's Labyrinth of Fear - Japan's Most Terrifying Haunted House

Ever been to Japan’s biggest and scariest haunted house?

Be ready to send chills down your spine as Fuji-Q Highland’s Labyrinth of Fear gives you an average of 50-minute nerve-wracking experience you will never forget!

Listed as one of the largest and scariest haunted houses in the world, Fuji-Q Highland’s Labyrinth of Fear is not a place for the fearful. With its hospital setting and 900 meters of puzzling maze to deal with amid strange echoes and sounds, this two-story building depicts the perfect labyrinth of fear.

Fuji-Q Labyrinth of Fear (Japan's scariest haunted house)

The Labyrinth of Fear has a history traced to a popular hospital close to Mount Fuji where doctors were accused of selling internal organs of patients and disposing of their bodies which occasioned the spirits of the dead victims to haunt back and kill many doctors, a legend that has lived ever since.

Fuji-Q Highland's Labyrinth of Fear (Japan's scariest haunted house)
Fuji-Q Highland's Labyrinth of Fear (Japan's scariest haunted house)

The craziest experience I had with my partner (I went there with one more person) was the Room of No Escape where we were confined in a confusing space with weird ambience, no visible exit route, and ghosts chasing after us. That was so horrifying that I ended up losing my voice due to shouting non-stop. I doubt I would ever have the guts to try Fuji-Q’s haunted house again. >_<

Fuji-Q Highland's Labyrinth of Fear (Japan's scariest haunted house)

If you think you’ve got the nerves to try out the eerie sounds, experience strange sights and smells, and walk through extremely dark passages, then the Labyrinth of Fear is for you!

But if you really can’t take it anymore, no worries. There are pink doors marked “retire” in a few parts of the building where you can just take the moment you decide to give up. But don’t you dare! The Labyrinth of Fear is something you would be proud of once you complete the 50 minutes of pure terror!

Can you make it to the end?
Good luck!


Attraction Name: Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear (located inside Fuji-Q Highland Theme Park)
Address: 5 Chome-6-1 Shin-NishiharaFujiyoshida 403-0017, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan

Building: a 2-story hospital building
Length of time to complete: approx. 50 minutes
Total floor space: approx. 3000m² (32391 ft.²)
Distance to explore: approx. 900m (2952.7 ft.)

Age restrictions: elementary school students & up
Number of visitors: limited to 1500 people per day
* They don’t allow any visitor to enter this haunted house alone so you should bring at least one friend.

Ticket Price: 500 JPY (on top of the whole park’s entrance fee)
*Please see the table below for a complete list of entrance ticket prices as of June 2017.

Fuji-Q Highland Labyrinth of Fear haunted house ticket price



(Option 1)

  • Take Shuto Expressway #4.
  • Then take Chuo Expressway to Kawaguchiko national highway via Otsuki Interchange (IC). → 50 mins.
  • Lastly, take the Kawaguchiko Interchange (IC) to Fuji-Q Highland → 0 min.

(Option 2)

  • Take Shuto Expressway #3 to Gotenba Interchange (IC) via Tomei Expressway → approx. 60 mins.
  • Then take Expressway No. 138 (approx. 15 mins.) to Subashiri Interchange (IC) (approx. 3 minx.), and change to Higashifujigoko Road to Fujiyoshida Interchange (IC). → approx. 15 mins.
  • Lastly, take the Fujiyoshida Interchange (IC) to Fuji-Q Highland → 0 min.


(Option 1)

  • Take JR Chuo Main Line to Otsuki Station via Shinjuku Station → approx. 60 mins. by limited express
  • Transfer to Fujikyu Line bound for Fuji-Q Highland. → 50 mins.

(Option 2)

  • Take JR Tokaido Shinkansen to Shin-Fuji Station via JR Station from Koshinetsu,Chukyo, or Kansai.
  • Take Fujikyu Bus to Fuji-Q Highland → approx. 120 mins.

(Option 3)

  • Take JR Tokaido Shinkansen to JR Mishima Station via JR Station from Koshinetsu, Chukyo, or Kansai.
  • Take Fujikyu Bus to Kawaguchiko Station → approx. 120 mins.

(Option 4)

  • Take JR Gotenba Line to Gotenba Station via JR Station from Koshinetsu, Chukyo, or Kansai.
  • Take Fujikyu Bus to Kawaguchiko Station → approx. 120 mins.

(Option 5)

  • Take JR Chuo Main Line to Kofu Station via JR Station from Koshinetsu, Chukyo, or Kansai.
  • Take Fujikyu Bus to Fujisan Station → approx. 120 mins.


(Option 1)

  • Take Chuo Highway Bus Fujigoko Line via Shinjuju Station (South Exit). → approx. 100 mins.
Inquiry and Reservation
Fujikyu Highway Bus Reservation Center
+81-555-73-8181 (7:30 AM to 8 PM)
Keio Highway Bus Reservation Center

(Option 2)

  • Take Chuo Highway Bus via Tokyo Station (Yaesu Exit). → approx. 110 mins.
Inquiry and Reservation
Fujikyu Highway Bus
+81-555-73-8181 (7:30 AM to 8 PM)

(Option 3)

  • Take Tomei Highway Bus via Yokohama Station (West Exit). → approx. 150 mins.
Inquiry and Reservation
Fujikyu Highway Bus
+81-555-73-8181 (7:30 AM to 8 PM)

(Option 4)

  • Take Tomei Highway Bus via Shibuya Mark City. → approx. 120 mins.
Inquiry and Reservation
Fujikyu Highway Bus
+81-555-73-8181 (7:30 AM to 8 PM)

(Option 5)

  • Take Chuo Highway Bus via Haneda Airport Line. → approx. 135 mins.
Inquiry and Reservation
Fujikyu Highway Bus
+81-555-73-8181 (7:30 AM to 8 PM)

(Option 6)

  • From Osaka or Kyoto stations, take a bus via Abenobashi Station (JR Tenno Area) and arrive at Meishin Ibaraki, Takatsuki and Hachijo Exit of Kyoto Station.
Inquiry and Reservation
Fujikyu Highway
+81-555-73-8181 (7:30 AM to 8 PM)
Kintetsu Highway Bus
+81-6-6772-1631 (9 AM to 7 PM)
*There are also other buses bound for Fuji-Q Highland from Kobe, Sannomiya, Shin-Osaka, and Kyoto.
The bus then returns to Fuji-Q Highland at night and picks up passengers bound for Kyoto, Umeda, Kobe, and Sannomiya.
*For other available routes, please click here.

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Fuji-Q Highland's Labyrinth of Fear - Japan's largest and scariest haunted house

April Fuentes

Born in the summer, loves travel :)




  • Swayam Tiwari

    It looks spooky.. Have you seen any ghosts? Any spirits that tracked you down? If you have then pray to Lord Hanuman so that they don’t bother you.

    • April Fuentes

      Thank goodness I didn’t see any. That would make me crazy. >_<

  • Jerny

    I love this! I’ve been to Japan but not to horror shizzles and stuff. I would love to visit this one on my next go!

    • April Fuentes

      Please! It’s so crazy and exciting. Definitely an unforgettable experience.:)

  • Sandy N Vyjay

    Fuji-Q Highland’s Labyrinth of Fear really sounds scary. I for one would not like to be confined to a scary room with apparently no exits and being chased by ghosts. It is so scary! But I know many people get a thrill out of it.

    • April Fuentes

      It’s so thrilling but I ‘m not sure if I can still do it again. haha
      Fuji-Q’s haunted house is so much scarier than the other haunted houses I’ve tried.

  • Carmen Edelson

    Oh my goodness, you are braver than I am!! 50 minutes doesn’t sound like too long but I’d still be terrified. My kids would love this though. Thanks for sharing :)

    • April Fuentes

      Trust me, I’m not!
      I love trying haunted houses but I always regret every time I’m inside. haha
      You and your kids seem so brave!!

  • Erica

    Waaaah i love fuji q!!!! To me it is the best theme park ever!!! I wasnt able to try the labyrinth though 😂😂😂 im glad you enjoyed uour time!!!!

    • April Fuentes

      Thanks, Erica!!
      I looooove Fuji-Q too!
      I will definitely go back but not sure if I will try the Labyrinth again. haha😂

  • Swati

    This is one place I will not step my foot into ! If I do, I won’t be able to sleep for a week. Though the history behind this is quite disturbing – human organ racket. I am glad you survived 50 minutes with just losing your voice.

    • April Fuentes

      Haha! Don’t worry, Fuji-Q theme park is so much fun that you will slowly forget about your crazy horror experience once you start exploring other attractions! ;)

  • Nathan

    I would love to do this! I’ve done some cool haunted houses before but this one looks amazing. 50 minutes is a long time though!

    • April Fuentes

      It felt like forever! haha
      But I think you’re gonna enjoy the Labyrinth of Fear since you seem to like trying haunted houses too!

  • Reginald

    i really enjoyed reading this!

  • melody pittman

    OMG, this is so intriguing yet scary as hell! I applaud you for giving it a try. Would love to see it but would definitely have to go through holding hands with a bunch of friends. LOL

    • April Fuentes

      Thanks, Melody! I was scared as hell I just kept on running everywhere. haha:D

  • Corinne

    This looks like so much fun! I want to go. I’ve been to Japan so many times and never knew about it. Spooky!

  • Carol Colborn

    Maybe my husband will humor me and protect me from all the bad spirits!

  • Punita Malhotra

    From outside it just looks like a sad, derelict structure…but inside. Jeepers creepers. And what a gruesome story attached to it!

  • Danik

    Oh, so its not a proper haunted house, just a company to scare the pants of people. Maybe I would go to take my child there but I wouldnt go there by myself. :P

  • Gokul Raj

    I don’t think I would go for this. Not a fan of staged haunted houses. How about a real haunted house ? :D

  • Jing

    50 minutes…that’s long huh! I’d like to try this too, but I would have to go in with a friend who’s braver than I am. Hehe.

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